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Pure castor oil

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Pure castor oil

Castor oil, a vegetable oil to use (almost) without moderation.
For the skin. Castor oil is wonderful for the hand. It has anti-wrinkle properties (it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin), anti-stains, concealer and also anti-acne. It also helps treat eczema, herpes, stretch marks and burns. Only indication: apply in small quantity because it is a rather greasy oil so a few drops may be enough.
For hair. Castor oil helps fortify the hair, speed up their growth and also increase (a little) their volume. How to use: Once a week, apply on the scalp massaging for a few minutes and then extend to the lengths. Make a braid or bun and put a towel on your pillow and rinse the next morning. Do not hesitate to make two shampoos by emphasizing the roots, because, as mentioned above, it is a fatty oil. For all information contact us

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